Laser2000 Specialized Medical Centers is a leading group with over 12 years of experience in the fields of beauty, aesthetic medicine, dentistry and healthcare.

We aim to help our clients to achieve their desired image, to improve their physical appearance and to feel good about themselves. We are specialized in medical-aesthetic treatments: medical laser hair removal, facial, body and vascular treatments, dentistry and plastic surgery.

Our strong commitment with research and the incorporation of the ultimate technology in our treatments, have made us the No. 1 Franchise of Specialized Medical Centers in Spain, where we have more than 90 clinics located throughout the country. Our franchise model offers different membership options that can suit every franchise holder profile.

Our clinics are subject to a thorough regulation ensuring the highest standards of quality. We offer our clients the most advanced techniques, always performed by professionals with extensive experience in the field.

Láser2000 is based on a modular system, wich will allow you to start a business with our basic treatments and progressively incorporate different units of aesthetic medicine.

If you want further information, you can download our Franchise dossier here (in spanish).

Phone 952 06 27 31

Some interesting data:

Entry fee: From 10.000€
Royalty: 5% min. 900€
Publicity fee: 1% min. 600€
Contract duration: 10 years
Financing help: YES
Property dimension: 60 m2
Location: Towns with more than 35.000 population
Origin: Spain
Company creation: 2004
Franchise creation: 2010
Total investment: From 35.000€

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